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ICD-10 Readiness Checklist
Education/TrainingContact us
Is your staff educated/trained?
Determine what type of training is needed

The ICD-10 code set contains more than 68,000 different codes. Focusing on learning codes relevant to your specialty, as well as identifying commonly used diagnosis codes and mapping to ICD-10, can help you prepare for the transition. Also, it’s imperative to review documentation to ensure it’s sufficient in order code to the greatest specificity. If not, additional training with providers may be necessary.
* Schedule training

All individuals in a provider office/hospital setting should be educated about the transition and how it impacts the organization. Additionally, detailed training should occur with clinical and coding/billing staff.

Office Procedures/Policies
Have you reviewed procedures and policies within your practice?
* Determine procedures/policies impacted by ICD-10

Updating procedures and policies to ensure accurate coding is imperative. Any procedures/policies that include ICD-9 verbiage today should be updated to include verbiage for ICD-10.
* Coordinate any necessary changes

ICD-10 Codes (entering and accepting)
Is your practice management system able to accommodate ICD-10 codes?
* Determine if your pm system is able to accept/generate ICD-10 codes

If you haven’t done so already, contact your practice management system vendor to determine their readiness. Once you have confirmed your practice management system is capable of sending ICD-10 codes in your file, please contact Delta Billing Solutions to coordinate testing.
* Determine if a pm system upgrade is required
* If so, coordinate upgrade immediately

Are there any other systems within your practice that need to be reviewed for readiness?
* Determine which systems within your practice need to be reviewed /upgraded
* Coordinate any necessary upgrades as soon as possible

Have you completed testing?
* Determine what type of testing is needed

Testing both internally on your systems and externally with vendors/payers is imperative to ensure readiness.
* Conduct testing

Testing with Delta Billing Solutions is encouraged to ensure you are ready to send ICD-10 on/after the deadline!
Do you have a contingency plan?
* Create a contingency plan!

Make sure to have a plan if things do not go as expected. Creating a ‘task force’ to monitor productivity, processes and reimbursements leading up to and thru the deadline is imperative to ensure issues are identified and addressed timely and have the least negative impact on your organization. Also, having a cash reserve on hand is recommended in case cash flow issues arise during the transition.

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